Android Studio

LiteSync can be used on Android via the SQLite Android Bindings

Is has the same interface as the android.database.sqlite namespace with some minor changes:

1  We must load the native SQLite library before using it using this code:


2  Replace all occurrences of android.database.sqlite with org.sqlite.database.sqlite. Example:

import org.sqlite.database.sqlite.SQLiteDatabase;

3  Replace these two references:

android.database.SQLException android.database.DatabaseErrorHandler

by these:

org.sqlite.database.SQLException org.sqlite.database.DatabaseErrorHandler

Sample Project



1  Install LiteSync on a computer

2  Start a SQLite shell as the primary node binding to a TCP address

3  Modify the TCP address to connect to on the project code

4  Build and run the project on the simulator or device

To open the database on the primary node we use a command like this:

sqlite3 "file:test.db?node=primary&bind=tcp://"


This sample project includes the free version of LiteSync. It can be upgraded to the full version by replacing the aar file.